Simple But Effective Rehab, Exercise, & Physical Therapy Products

Magister Corporation is a leading manufacturer and marketer of products for improving health and well-being. Our exercise, rehabilitation, and physical therapy products are simple yet effective for helping you stay active in today’s busy world. We are proud to manufacture many of our products here in the USA as we have done since 1995.

REP Band®

Non-Latex Bands

Resistive exercise products play a vital role in home and clinical rehabilitation regimens and strengthening programs prescribed by health care professionals. Today, progressive resistance tubing and bands are used for rehabbing muscle and joint injuries, work hardening programs, and aerobic and aquatic exercise programs. REP Band® Products can play an integral part in these programs to strengthen muscles and increase endurance.

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REP Tubing®

Non-Latex Tubing

Like REP Band® Resistive Exercise Bands, REP Band® Resistive Exercise Tubing is latex-free, odor-free, and powder-free. The same benefits for resistive exercise are attainable with the same five levels of resistance for customizing a resistance exercise program. Five levels of progressive resistance.

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Eggserciser® Resistive Hand Excersiser

Resistive Hand Exerciser

Ergonomically shaped and made to fit the contours of the hand, latex-free Eggsercizer® has the shape that feels great in the hand. It’s designed to provide effective resistive therapy in a wide variety of exercises for the fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm.

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Pivotal Therapy System®

Release tension, relieve stress and correct abnormal sustained postures

For over 30 years, the Pivotal Therapy System has been used by physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors and people with spinal symptoms to treat soft tissue issues related to all areas of the spine. By nature, it takes time to slowly re-posture the spine and its soft tissues although improvement is often noticed quickly.

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