Exercise, Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Products

Backed by years of manufacturing and extensive physical therapy knowledge, Magister is proud to offer a variety of products that provide simple, effective solutions for physical therapy, exercise and rehabilitation patients and practitioners.


Each of our products is designed to provide a specific solution:


REP Bands® are latex-free resistive bands and tubing that won’t trigger latex allergies or leave a dusty powder on your clothes after exercising.


Airex® exercise, yoga and Pilates mats and balance pads are available in a wide range of lengths, widths and thicknesses to meet the needs of specific body types and exercises.


Eggsercizer® hand exercisers feel great in the hand yet provide effective resistive therapy to help you boost grip strength, increase dexterity and mobility, develop motor skills, and improve circulation.


NeckPro II® is an easy-to-use, over-the-door neck traction device that relies on a simple spring tension, giving you greater control over the amount of tension provided.


The Pivotal Therapy System® can help your body relax and strengthen muscles, contributing to a healthy spinal alignment, at the physical therapy or rehab center or in the privacy of your own home.


Acuforce® massage therapy tools are ideal for strengthening muscles, preventing injury, and repairing muscle damage in patients without exhausting the therapist.


Cambion® insole and heel cushions are specially designed using visco-elastic polymers, providing the optimum underfoot cushioning to protect your feet and skeletal system.


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