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Acuforce Airex REP Band Pivotal Therapy System
Welcome to Magister Corporation! Magister Corporation is a leading manufacturer and marketer of products for improving health and well being. Magister was the first company to market non-latex progressive resistance exercise products when it introduced its REP Band® exercise bands and tubing in 1995. Since then, the company has added other products for the rehab industry including Eggsercizer® Hand Exerciser. Magister is also a master distributor of the industry-leading Airex® Exercise Mats and Balance Products and Flexi-Bar® Upper Body Strengthening Device.

More recently, Magister has branched out into other health-related niche markets including AcuForce® Massage Therapy Products, NeckPro® II Cervical Traction Device, the Provale™ Cup for people suffering with swallowing difficulties, Pivotal Therapy System for the treatment of adaptive slumped posture and Cambion® Orthotic Products.

While our growing product line is quite diverse, two hallmarks of Magister are always present: quality products and unrivaled customer service.