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Cambion® Visco-Elastic Insoles & Heel Cushions

Cambion insole and heel insertsCambion visco-elastic insoles and heel cushions offer superior protection from the impact of the heel on hard surfaces. These inserts are designed to protect the foot and the skeletal system from the jarring effects of heel strike. This is accomplished by the heel and inside cushions absorbing and dissipating energy generated by heel strike as well as redistributing underfoot pressure.


To many people, heel strike can feel like someone is whacking the bottom of their foot with a hammer. In reality, heel strike is the shock of the foot hitting the ground. It's much worse on hard surfaces than when on grass or soft soil.


Surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and hard floors cause more stress on the body. When the feet land on these surfaces, the force of the impact is often more than the body can naturally absorb. The shock travels back up through the body, stressing and eventually damaging joints and causing fatigue. Excess weight, athletics, repetitive activities and standing for long periods can aggravate the situation. The heel strike shock particularly affects the lower skeletal frame — the knees, hips and lower back as well as the feet. In the long run, it can inflict pain, limit activity and in some cases, require joint replacement.


Why Cambion?

Due to fashion trends and cost cutting by manufacturers, modern footwear rarely has sufficient cushioning. For years, scientists have studied the problem and looked for possible solutions. Bio-engineers, orthopaedic surgeons and physical therapists saw that if they could find a way to place a shock absorber between the foot and the ground, the energy would be diffused before it damaged the joints. For those already afflicted, such shock absorbers would help relieve pain and prevent further damage.


It was found that visco-elastic polymers were the optimum materials for underfoot cushioning. These synthetic materials, which are both dense and elastic, proved to absorb the shock of heel strike.


Taking up less space in the shoe than conventional foam materials, visco-elastic polymers are the most efficient form of under-foot cushioning available today. In fact it would take up to 15 drug store insoles to equal the cushioning effect of one Cambion visco-elastic insole.


In tests that actually measured the amount of shock that various parts of the body sustained when walking, visco-elastic materials in combination with micro-porous foams showed far greater ability than other materials to dampen shock and reduce rebound. They cushioned the skeleton as the foot hit the ground and instead of kicking back instantly, they dissipated the energy evenly over several milliseconds.

Cambion heel and insole cushions


Cambion visco-elastic insoles and heel cushions are ideal for:


  • Athletes

  • Fitness devotees

  • Older adults

  • People who are on their feet for long periods

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